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Heidi Kramer is an inspiring motivational speaker whose passion for life is infused throughout her presentations. She is a cancer survivor and registered dietitian. Heidi’s desire to make a difference in the lives of others coupled with her 20 years experience in public speaking has allowed her the opportunity to touch the lives of thousands with her unique and powerful messages. The programs developed by Heidi are all custom designed and have been utilized in a variety of venues including:


Health and Fitness Centers

Corporate Events

Elementary and High Schools

Community Colleges

University Education Programs

Church Retreats

Hospital/Oncology Center Awareness
Month Activities

Large-scale Philanthropic Events (Opening/Closing Ceremonies)

Medical Staff Symposiums

Women’s Groups

National Cancer Survivor's Day Celebrations

Pharmaceutical Company National
Sales Meetings

Support Groups/Cancer Resource Center Programs



Contact Heidi today for presentation and workshop details and booking information.

CALL TODAY - 847.516.9038

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Click below on the speaking programs you'd like to learn more about:

Healthy Life Options
Celebrate Sweet Life
Christian Messages


Celebrate Sweet Life

Be inspired…
with Heidi’s powerful message of healing that has offered hope for audiences across the country. From start to finish with her from the heart storytelling style Heidi engages her audience fully. Heidi can take even the smallest glimmer of hope and move you to a point of inspiration. For example, Heidi shares with her audience the day she discovers a few eyelashes that just refuse to fall out. Watch Heidi capture the essence of this very moment and transform it to inspiration for living the rest of the day with courage, strength and trust. Let Heidi take your audience on a journey of discovery and plant the seeds of hope and healing.

Experience Heidi’s Inspiring Message-Available
In Two Formats:

As a Celebration Performance:

Celebrate Sweet Life presented with dear friend and business partner Yamaha recording artist, singer-songwriter Kerri Sherwood


Traditional Presentation Style:

In this presentation Heidi presents
solo as a motivational speaker.

View Flash Movie
Download the Brochure
in PDF format for Heidi Kramer & Kerri Sherwood’s,
“Celebrate Sweet Life ”, celebration performance for cancer survivors, healthcare providers, fundraisers, pharmaceutical companies or anyone whose lives have been touched by cancer.

Heidi Speaking


Healthy Life Options

For Healthy Life Options - Presentations and Workshops
Click Here.

New and Exciting Nutrition Programs for Students and Teachers

Contact Heidi today to book dates for your school!

CALL TODAY - 847.516.9038


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Christian Messages

After her cancer diagnosis at age thirty-eight Heidi never dreamed she would soon heal and become a wife and mother. Now, with purpose and conviction Heidi shares how obstacles in our path can become the impetus for our spiritual journey to God. Her stories reveal her unique discovery of faith, healing and finding the most amazing light she has ever known. Heidi’s powerful Christ-centered messages are inspired by God who offers hope, light and promises!

The following is a list of favorite topics.

Celebrate Sweet Life for Christian Women

A powerfully touching performance which blends original music, stories and song, this program celebrates the joy of living in God's amazing grace. Presented with dear friend and business partner, Yamaha recording artist, singer-songwriter Kerri Sherwood.

Moving Beyond Broadsided

Broadsided was the word my friend Cynthia used when I shared my new cancer diagnosis. I remember thinking this is the first time anyone could find the right word that I could connect with. It was the one word when I heard it that offered affirmation of how off-guard-taken-by-surprise-kicked-from-behind I had been. It was the one word that made my anger seem justified.

I had been broadsided, but many of us have experienced being broadsided in life. Though it may not have been cancer, perhaps it was a heart attack, a stroke, the death of a loved one, a divorce or the loss of a job. But moving beyond being broadsided is what our faith journey is all about. From out of no where a situation presents itself that we hardly believe we can handle. But it’s these journey’s that we suddenly find ourselves on that offer the opportunity for us to either find God, strengthen our relationship with Him or allow us to see Him in a way we’ve never seen Him before.

Life can’t always be about staying at the top of the mountain. Sometimes we find ourselves in the valley. The good news is that God was there when we were taken so abruptly off our path and He will be there to help us move forward into a better place. He will guide our way and send us light when we can’t seem to find it on our own. Then, He will place our feet firmly back on solid ground stronger, wiser and closer to Him. Let’s explore together the many ways Christ helps move us beyond broadsided to hope.

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The Nautilus: A Model for Growth and Fulfillment

Filled with a series of chambers the nautilus seashell is one of God’s beautiful and simple creations. It’s also a model for living a life that brings us closer to the Christ-centered and fulfilling life God wants us to be living always.

As the tiny creature, a mollusk, that lives inside the nautilus gets ready to move from one chamber to the next he must prepare by creating a new chamber to accommodate his growth. Perhaps, we can use the nautilus as a metaphor for ourselves. As Christians anxious to be living authentic lives shouldn’t we too be preparing as we move forward into new spaces? How do we know when it’s time to move? How can we pull from previous life experiences to live better in our current space? Let’s use this beautiful shell to explore together the questions that will help us continue creating the ever more beautiful creatures we too are becoming.

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Eternal Life: Inspiration Indeed

Perfect for women’s groups this program is designed for the Lenten Season and offers seeds for thought during this reflective time of year.

Contact Heidi today for presentation and workshop details and booking information.

CALL TODAY - 847.516.9038

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